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Draperies are usually hung from the top of a window to conceal or fill in its upper reaches. They can be either decorative, intended to add to the aesthetics of an interior, or ``operable,`` serving a practical purpose such as blocking direct sunlight from entering a room.


Shades are a form of window treatments that block light from coming through the windows. They can be draperies, curtains, or blinds created with various fabrics and textures to make them distinctive. Shades come in many different styles, but there are three main types: inside-mount, outside-mount, and cordless.


Blinds can be lowered or lifted from the top to cover the window opening. There are different varieties of blinds available from elegant sheers to more simple mini-blinds. Even though blinds are less expensive than drapes and curtains, they should still be chosen with care as the quality varies greatly.


Cornices are window treatments for the top of a window. Cornices can be made of various materials such as wood, plastic, fabric, and even metal. They come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Typically they are located on the uppermost part of a window near the ceiling.


Valances are typically made of thin fabric with pleats on the edges. Valances are often used to hide the curtain rod. Valances can be used on top of curtains or draperies or without any other window treatment.

Vertical Solutions

Vertical window treatments are a great way to add style and elegance to any room. Traditional means such as drapes and curtains might not be the best choice for either modern or contemporary styled homes. With vertical solutions, customers can choose from different styles of treatments that come with the top hardware equipment.

Bedding & Pillows

Custom bedding and pillows are an element of bedding sets. There is usually a comforter, top sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, or cover set made out of different materials such as polyester, cotton, jacquard fabric, and microfiber fabric. The bedding sets range in size and design and can help improve the ambiance of a room.

Home Décor

Home décor services are available to help you make your home beautiful. Services range from personalized advice about color schemes to custom furniture.